CMP Initiative

 CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on the last working day of the month).


CMP - Initiatives


S.N. Initiative Class & Subject Learning Learning Name of the
Objective Objective Teacher with designation
Initially Realized or not  
1 Good habits  Class III Make children to know about good habits such as early to get early to rise makes a child healthy, wealthy and wise. Learning Mr. S. B. Pandey
English  Good manners greeting one another appropriately etc. objective (PRT)
    realized through nature observation and a sense of responsibility to it.  
2 Development of tasting buds. Class V 1.Outing and making a menu of recipes that are favorite in summer, winter, rainy- season Learning about varieties of things through observation realized.  
English 2. Report on Ice-Cream available in the area and joy-shops.    Shopping skills envisaged   




3 Readiness program making the new comers familiar with school environment to adjust with school and surrounding Class I Making the students aware of the school environment, curriculum, culture, ethical values etc. Realized and achieved learning objectives through various activities, visiting school premises.  Smt. Z. Khatoon
English, EVS, Maths (PRT)
4 Environmental awareness Class I Awareness of school/home surroundings. Achieved through various activities by bringing children to the school garden Smt. Z. Khatoon